Together Now (single)

by Danny Hauger



"Aren't we supposed to be together now?"
"Together Now" by Danny Hauger
Love sharing new music for a new year! Music and lyrics by Danny Hauger. This song started out with a capo on the 4th fret of an acoustic and unplugged jam session. We began riffing in a D Major progression to G. C. and back to home D (all raised to the 4th). Together Now is on iTunes, help support my independent music!


Everywhere I stand there's a motive,
Someone trying to get rich fast

Gone are the days of the morals

To treat each individual as the last

Why are we so concerned with riches?

When we are clearly all poor

From the point that I’m standing in,

Does it seem anyone stands tall?

We’re all trying to get together

By building walls to be apart?

So we can’t we try a new approach,

If everyone we always have done will fail?

Maybe try to show some new plays to the coach,

Maybe try to reinvent the wheel

From the point that I’m standing in,

Doesn’t seem that anyone stands tall

Aren’t we supposed to be together now

So why are we building walls?


released February 14, 2016




Danny Hauger California

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